New at MTC:

Asphalt and Pavement Site Testing

Our certified technicians now offer compaction assessment, thickness measurement, and investigative testing for both Open and Dense graded asphalt pavements

At MTC, our comprehensive asphalt and pavement site testing services cater to both ‘open’ and ‘dense’ graded asphalt pavements, focusing on impeccable compaction and precise thickness measurements. We meticulously cut slabs for thorough asphalt investigative testing.

All our technical services are backed by NATA Certification, ensuring excellence in every aspect. Our team consists of highly skilled technicians equipped with modern vehicles and approved equipment, guaranteeing top-notch performance.


We’re proud to support some of WA’s leading mining and resource companies, construction enterprises, leading builders and local government agencies

Our centralised MTC laboratories provide a large range of professional services. By keeping our operations in-house, we continue to provide industry-leading value and expertise in a sustainable and manageable way.

We have the capabilities to conduct a wide variety of NATA accredited testing services, with our team ready to communicate data trends, results and other critical testing data when required. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. 

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